Kolding Climbing Club

Kolding Climbing Club

Kolding Climbing Club

Kolding Climbing club is for wallclimbing and rockclimbing. The club has a 13 m high climbing wall and a great boulder.
All levels of climbers are welcome, there are several certified climbing instructors in the club.
Most of the club members and all the climbing instructors speak english.
We have several non-danish speaking members.

The high climbing wall


Monday 16.30-18.30 Youth climbing1
Monday 18.30-21.30 All members
Tuesday 18.30-21.30 All members
Wednesday 16.30-18.30 Junior climbing1
Wednesday 18.30-21.30 All members
Thursday 18.30-21.30 All members
Friday 18.30-21.30 All members
Sunday 13.00-16.00 All members

1 Only climbers under 16 years old

Kolding climbing club are closed during the schools holidays (the club is often open, check the Facebook group)

Test climbing

It is possible to try climbing (test climb) for kr. 75,- on The first Thursday i every month – from 18.30 – 21.00 You have to with MobilPay. If you become a member within the following week, the kr. 75,- will be refunded. There will be a certified climbing instructor during the entire test climb.

Kolding climbing club has all the equipment you need to start climbing.


You can get a Membership by using this webshop (You can use: Dancard, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro etc) | here (In only danish, you can get someone in the club to help you, we have a computer i the club, or yes Google translate)

If you are in a situation, where you have no Dankort, please contact our cashier to get arrangement: kasser@koldingklatreklub.dk

Once the payment has been done, you are a full member. .

Membership fee

One day climbing kr 75, – (test climb, only the first thursday in evert month)
Guest Climbing from other member clubs of the Danish Climbing Federation is free.

The membership fee:

Kr. 1.800, – for full year (1/1 – 1/1)
Kr. 150,- pr month (running membership)

Registration fee: Kr. 250,- (only once)



You will find Kolding climbing club at:

Dalbygade 40
6000 Kolding
(also known as Volkerts Fabrikker)


Club email: info@koldingklatreklub.dk

Chairman: Gary Briton- info@koldingklatreklub.dk

Routesetting contact: rutebyg@koldingklatreklub.dk

Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=147620895050